Tuesday, November 23, 2010

bikini chinese and tokyo wallpaper

Monday, November 22, 2010

Exclusive pic of Mas Selamat dressed as a woman revealed!


The Singapore government has revealed that Mas Selamat, the leader of a terror network who escaped while in detention in Feb 2008, stayed overnight at his brother's flat in Tampines two days after his escape and then disguised himself as a woman wearing a tudung to evade detection and recapture. Ah, no wonder we can't find him. No official picture of Mas Selamat dressed as a woman has been revealed by the government but according to this "exclusive" photo, we can tell that he's not going to win any beauty contest.

Friday, November 19, 2010

6 Stunning Artworks from Star Wars Visions

I just got my copy of Star Wars Visions and I'm loving it. In Star War Visions, George Lucas invited more than 100 well-known and promising artists, of different genres and styles, to draw upon the entire Star Wars galaxy for inspiration and create their own interpretations of Star Wars. Star Wars Visions collects these magnificent artworks for the first time. Here are 6 stunning artworks from the book.

star wars visions 1

star wars visions 2

star wars visions 3

star wars visions 4

star wars visions 5

star wars visions 6

Wednesday, November 17, 2010

Adult Chocolate Milk for adults who love milk and alcohol

Certain things you grew up with just get better and more interesting with age. Featuring real cream and rich chocolatey flavor, Adult Chocolate Milk tastes just like the original classic - with a very adult alcohol update. How much alcohol? It doesn't say.

(Thanks Shy)

1947 book about naked people in existential crisis

Container List shares with us a few scans of the 1947 book titled What Am I Doing Here? by Abner Dean. From the book's preface: "This naked little man… wanders among other naked men and women, full of good will and curiosity and fatuity. He gets into jams, but is always pretty certain something can be done about them."

Illustrated A to Z of Japan

I love these Asialphabet illustrations by artist Yoriko Yoshida that depict the Roman alphabet as Japanese cultural items and traditions. This is B for Bonsai. Unfortunately there's no Q or X. Don't know why.

Batvan is one kick ass Japanese custom van

Some Japanese dude has made a Batvan custom van with huge fiberglass wings and body kit mixed with the Batman theme. Comes complete with a small scale replica of itself and a life-size Batman statue. The only question is: With all that huge wings, how is it going to enter the Batcave?

Star Wars Epic Wall Art is artwork that spans your bedoom wall

I want the Star Wars Epic Wall Art for my room! The incredible Star Wars movie artwork measures 10.5 feet by 6 feet. It comes in prepasted and water activated panels that stick easily to your walls. No special tools needed, just soak in warm water and position in place.

Giant Gundam protecting Japan now comes in miniature size

Now you can have a mini version of the 60-foot Gundam statue that is currently protecting Shizuoka. Bandai is selling the 10cm tall mini figure only in Japan. Damn it Bandai! You have to buy and assemble all six components to form the complete Gundam statue.

Master Chief helmet is made of Lego and is wearable!

Benny writes about his wearable Master Chief helmet: "It is made completely out of Lego except for the visor, which is a modified motorcycle helmet visor. I padded the inside with cut up squares of mattress top from Target. It is comfortable, but very hot."

(via Brothers Brick)

HEX Watch Band for iPod Nano

The iPod Nano 6th generation is cool but it's way cooler when you convert it into a watch.  Just pop your Nano into the HEX Watch Band and it's a watch! The HEX Watch Band is a custom premium silicone strap and comes in 9 different colours.

Millennium Falcon Blueprint by Corellian Engineering Corp

Now that the blueprint of the Millennium Falcon has been leaked, you can now go ahead and try building the Millennium Falcon for yourself. Good luck with the subspace hyperdrive. Let me know if you've succeeded.

(Thanks Mr Big)

36-Shot-Glass Bandolier holds all your alcohol ammo

I wanna get this 36-shot-glass bandolier and put it on next time when I'm out partying. The unique bandolier has two crossing nylon shoulder straps and an adjustable belt that holds 36 bullet-shaped, one-ounce shot glasses complete with locking caps. Truly awesome!

8-Bit Meat Diagrams for all you video game meat lovers

Jude Buffum has a long-time obsession with meat diagrams (ya, like who doesn't?) so for an upcoming show, he decides to explore the carnivorous side of the world of video games with this set of really cool 8-Bit meat diagrams. He's also selling the prints here.

(Thanks Terry)

200 Gaming Characters as Mega Man Sprites

Chris Bringhurst remade 200 famous gaming icons into Mega Man sprites. He says: "I work at a call center that has some pretty long stretches of nothing, and I get bored pretty easily. I had thought before how cool it would be if Master Chief and the Halo franchise were given the Mega Man treatment."

Monday, November 15, 2010

MMK School Days Maid Cafe and Atelier Royale Butler Cafe

You've seen the butlers in training, now take a look inside Atelier Royale, the butler cafe which made its debut at Anime Festival Asia 2010 (AFA X). Do watch out for cosplay superstar Kaname who was the guest butler for the day and cosplay queens Alodia and -Aira-. Alodia is hot!

And here's the video of the Moe Moe Kyun Maid Cafe. The girls are back at AFA X with a special "School Days" theme to melt your troubles away. They sure did alright.

Videos produced for AFA X by R3LOAD Network, the official viral video agency for AFA X. 

UPDATE: Bonus kawaii video! A collection of Power Ups by the girls from MMK Maid Cafe!

The Cosplayers of Anime Festival Asia 2010

Watch parts one and two of the tribute video to the cosplayers of Anime Festival Asia 2010 (AFA X). Video produced for AFA X by R3LOAD Network, the official viral video agency of AFA X. To all the cosplayers at AFA X, you guys and gals are amazing! And to Kiyomi and my Little Red Riding Hood, thanks babes!

Friday, November 12, 2010

The stars of Anime Festival Asia 2010 come out to play!

The stars of Anime Festival Asia 2010 (AFA X) took the stage at a special preview held for members of the press, media and partners this morning. Video produced for AFA X by R3LOAD Network.



AFA X opens this weekend at the Suntec Convention and Exhibition Halls 401 and 402. R3LOAD Network is the official viral video agency for AFA X. See you guys there!

UPDATE: Check out this bonus clip of Danny Choo speaking Singlish at AFA X!

Thursday, November 11, 2010

Anime Festival Asia X Gundam Car

The Gundam Car is probably the coolest Toyota Vios in Singapore! The car will be on show at the Itasha Car Display at Anime Festival Asia X (AFA X) over the weekend. Here's a pic of me and the Gundam Car. Video is produced for AFA X by R3LOAD Network, the Official Viral Video Agency of AFA X.

Anime Festival Asia X Exclusive: The Making of the Danny Choo/Mirai Car

Danny Choo writes on Twitter about his exclusive Danny Choo Mirai car: "Just arrived in Singapore but for some reason I got a car as a present! You can see it at AFAX this weekend." Welcome back to Singapore Danny! Look forward to meeting you at Anime Festival Asia X! Video produced for AFA X by R3LOAD Network, the official viral video agency of AFA X.

Pop-Up Magazine is no ordinary magazine

I love the idea of Pop-Up Magazine. It showcases the most interesting writers, documentary filmmakers, photographers and radio producers but it's not your usual magazine. It is the world’s first live magazine, created for a stage, a screen, and a live audience. Nothing will arrive in your mailbox. No content will go online. An issue exists for one night, in one place.

Tron Quorra costume glows in the dark

Check out Syuzi's Tron Quorra costume for Halloween. The costume is made from faux leather and EL Film strips. The luminescent panels are removable, velcored onto the leather vest in order to make the top washable.

(Thanks Mr Big)

Wednesday, November 10, 2010

A Brief History of the Home Video Game Console

Thanks to A Brief History of the Home Video Game Console, now I know that the Magnavox Odyssey is the first home video game console. Always thought it was Atari. The Odyssey was released in 1972 and the first working prototype was finished in 1968. 

Scanwiches are delicious scanned sandwiches

Scanwiches posts scans of sandwiches for education and delight. This delicious scanned sandwich is from Five Boro Bistro at Google NYC. There's ham, turkey, lettuce, onions, cheddar cheese stuffed in between the white toast.

Original Star Wars trilogy characters in low res pixels

Andy Rash makes Iotacons, extremely low resolution portraits of popular characters and icons. His best Iotacons so far in my opinion is his set of Star Wars characters from all three original Star Wars movies.

(Thanks Sir Thomas)

The Angry Birds Cake looks so good, the Pigs will eat it

Anya Richardson, an aspiring cake artist posted this picture of her Angry Birds Cake on Twitpic recently. Her amazing cake features all the different types of Angry Birds and of course, the evil Pigs with the captured eggs.

(Thanks Johnny Q)

Tuesday, November 9, 2010

The voice behind the MRT announcements does not want you to use Singlish

Your attention please. Juanita Melson, the voice behind all those announcements you hear while taking a ride in our MRT trains, does not agree to Singaporeans using Singlish or putting on a foreign accent. I repeat. She does not condone using Singlish at all. Thank you and have a nice day.

Anime Festival Asia X: Atelier Royale Butler Cafe Exclusive!

Here's a video that I produced for Anime Festival Asia X. From R3LOAD Network: "We caught up with the butlers of Atelier Royale during their last training session before Anime Festival Asia X (AFA X) to talk about their training and more. Atelier Royale is a butler café - a themed restaurant with well-dressed male employees in waiter's uniform or even a tuxedo. Atelier Royale will be making its debut at AFA X. This video is brought to you by R3LOAD Network, the Official Viral Video Agency of AFA X."

Monday, November 8, 2010

Video: Hot Babes, Samba Girls and more at the Johnnie Walker Jet Black party

Here's the R3LOAD Network video of the Johnnie Walker Jet Black party held last Thursday at The White Rabbit. Click here for the HD quality version. It was a great party and I had lots of fun drinking all the Johnnie Walker booze. Thanks Johnnie Walker! Oh ya, there were lots of hot babes and samba girls there. Go check out the video. Thanks to Kino, Samantha, Ridz, Jaryl (and friends) for making it a night to remember. And to all the beautiful people who smiled and waved at the camera (and those who said Hi), you people rock!

Lego Miss Piggy rides Harley Davidson

Four years ago, Lego builder Elex had Miss Piggy on his to do list. Now, it's finally finished! For his Miss Piggy Lego sculpture, he had her sit on a Harley Davidson Softail Heritage motorbike. Oh, the Harley is in Lego too and it even has working lights!

(via The Brothers Brick)

Furry Sesame Street Cupcakes

For her kid's 3rd birthday, Polwig made these cute furry Sesame Street cupcakes. How did she make the "fur"? Simple! Just put some coconut in a ziplock bag and then drop a few drops of food coloring (red for Elmo, Blue for Cookie Monster and yellow for Big Bird) until you get desired effect.

A Paper Internet saves the web, one page at a time

Carlos Bueno wants to save the web, one page at a time. His initiative, A Paper Internet is building a network of time capsules containing photos, music, technical journals, and descriptions of everyday life. He's just completed one that contains the complete Linux 0.1 source code, plus sundry articles and internet ephemera.

100 Portraits — 100 Photographers

Andy Adams writes about his project, 100 Portraits — 100 Photographers: "In the spirit of the public art projection at FotoWeek DC, I mounted this online exhibition so the global photo community can experience the work of these 100 photographers from anywhere in the world."

Carpet made from thousands of pasta

This incredible pasta carpet is made by the folks from We Make Carpets. They make temporary contemporary carpets using everyday products. Without a sketch or plan, they start by laying the materials one by one until the finished carpet appears.

Tuesday, November 2, 2010

Exclusive pics of Johnnie Walker's updated Black Label bottle


Last night, Johnnie Walker sent a man wearing a suit to my house to personally deliver a gift to me. Included in the gift bag is this card which says: "Dear IZ, We would like you to Step Inside the world of Johnnie Walker and be the first in Singapore to check out our new look. We have updated the Johnnie Walker Black Label bottle to put a sleeker spin on it and wanted you to be the amongst the privileged few to own one..."

Sweet! Yes, they gave me a bottle of the new Johnnie Walker Black Label!




Johnnie Walker will offer fans an exclusive sneak preview of this new bottle at the Johnnie Walker Jet Black party on Thursday. If you want invites to this exclusive party, here's how. I have 5 pairs of tickets to give away. The new bottle will hit the shelves in December.

Monday, November 1, 2010

Contest: Win 5 pairs of tickets to Johnnie Walker Jet Black Party


Johnnie Walker Jet Black Party is back on 4th November, Thursday, 8pm to 2am at The White Rabbit with a Brazillian samba theme to celebrate the Grand Prix weekend in Sao Paulo. Party-goers can look forward to complimentary Johnnie Walker drinks throughout the night as they are entertained by Master of Electronica, Breakbeat and Soul, Seiji from Bugz in the Attic (UK) who will headline the event. As a musical twist, he will specially feature a live vocalist, Vula from the UK in his music set. Together with fire dancers, live percussionists and carnival performers, the Jet Black party will bring to life the Brazillian flavour for all guests.

This event is strictly by invitation only but I have 5 pairs of exclusive tickets to give away to all you readers out there.

To win these tickets, just send an email with the subject: "Win 5 pairs of tickets to Johnnie Walker Jet Black Party" to izreloaded at gmail dot com and don't forget to cc 5 of your friends in the email.

In your email, you will need to include the following:

Take part in this contest at I.Z. Reloaded to win Win 5 pairs of tickets to Johnnie Walker Jet Black Party - http://izreloaded.blogspot.com/2010/11/contest-win-5-pairs-of-tickets-to.html

Emails have to reach me by 2pm, 3 November 2010, Wednesday. Please include your name and contact number so that I can contact you. Good luck!

Japanese strippers battle zombies in Big Tits Zombies


Big Tits Zombies aka Big Tits Dragon: Hot Spring Zombie Vs. Stripper 5 is a 2010 Japanese fantasy-horror 3D film starring popular Japanese AV idols Sora Aoi, Risa Kasumi and Mari Sakurai. Yes, 3D! The story revolves around a bunch of hot strippers who have to battle evil zombies to save the world.

And if the plot isn't enough to entice you to watch the movie, the super awesome trailer will! Wah, got Ping Pong Zombies! Ok. I have to get the movie!

Contest: Win 3 pairs of tickets to SCC International Rugby 7s

Listen up guys and gals! I'm giving away 3 pairs of tickets to the Singapore Cricket Club International Rugby 7s happening on 5th to 7th November 2010 at SCC, Padang.

This year's SCC International Rugby 7s will be staged over three days and nights, with the first round of games being played under floodlights on the Padang on Friday 5 November. An expanded pool of 28 teams, including some of the finest international and invitational rugby teams from across the world, will compete for the coveted Ablitt Cup. Another debut on the first day of the tournament will be the first SCC 7s women’s competition, with Singapore competing against national teams from around the region.

To win the 3 pairs of tickets, just send an email with the subject: "Win 3 pairs of tickets to SCC International Rugby 7s" to izreloaded at gmail dot com and don't forget to cc 5 of your friends in the email.

In your email, you will need to include the following:

Take part in this contest at I.Z. Reloaded to win 3 pairs of tickets to the SCC International Rugby 7s - http://izreloaded.blogspot.com/2010/11/win-3-pairs-of-tickets-to-scc.html

Emails have to reach me by 2pm on 3 November 2010, Wednesday. Please include your name and contact number so that I can reach you. Good luck!

Watch Ghostwatch, BBC's 1993 Halloween "live" ghost investigation

Ghostwatch is a British horror-mockumentary television movie that was broadcast on BBC1 on Halloween night in 1992. Most of the British public watching the broadcast believed the events happening on the show to be true and the nation was terrified. Watch the entire 90 minutes of Ghostwatch here. And over at Fortean Times, the writer of Ghostwatch looks back at its origin and its unexpected aftermath.

Vintage Star Wars Travel Posters

I love these vintage Star Wars travel posters designed by Steve Thomas. He writes: "Well, I've been sitting on these for two years now and since then I've seen every kind of Star Wars mash up imaginable. They are very much inspired by some of the vintage travel posters of the early 20th century."

(Thanks Naomi)

Boba Fett's Invoice to Jabba the Hutt

Brock Davis, an art director for an ad agency in Minneapolis, imagines how Boba Fett's invoice to Jabba the Hutt would look like. The invoice is for tracking and capturing Han Solo alive and delivering him in carbonite to Jabba. He's not cheap, this Boba Fett.

(Thanks GeekGod)

Geocities now archived and available as torrent

The Archive Team made up of 100 people, began recovering thousands of Geocities sites during a six month period in 2009, before Yahoo shut down Geocities. Their hard work in saving a big part of the internet history has paid off with the archive of Geocities sites now available as a download via torrent!

Robocop Kid is so cute, you want to bring him home to fight crime

The award for the most awesome parents for this year's Halloween goes to Jim and Wood, the parents of this cute Robocop kid. Jim tells us how they made the costume: "The chest piece is made out of an empty laundry-detergent bottle and the back is made from milk jugs. The arms and legs are cobbled together out of 64-oz Trader Joe juice containers."

Fake Steve Jobs introduces fake Macbook Air

Giz-China reports that Macbook Air clones are now available in China: "This new generation of Macbook Air clone doesn’t get the ultra thin alloy body the genuine model gets, but it has been stream lined a little and gets improved styling such as a very thin lid with black screen bezel, and a great looking black on white chiclet keyboard."

Multi-touch iPhone Table works with only jailbroken iPhone

With Table Connect, you connect your iPhone to a large touchscreen table that enables you to control everything just like on the iPhone - only much larger! Once your iPhone is connected to the table, the entire content of the iPhone’s screen will be projected onto the multitouch table. Awesome right, but it only works with a jailbroken iPhone.

Star Trek USS Enterprise Manual

U.S.S. Enterprise Owners’ Workshop Manual is a 160-page illustrated guide book to Star Trek’s U.S.S Enterprise. Comes with a full-ship cutaway and details of the bridge, the transporter room and engines of all the versions of the iconic ship. Each ship’s systems are also analysed in detail and key developments from one version to another are discussed at length. Interview with the author here.

The Facebook Dress

This made to order, according to your measurement, Facebook Dress is the brainchild of Lana, a young Romanian designer. The front of the dress represents your own Facebook profile! It will take 1 to 3 weeks for her to make one for you so you'll have to wait before you make a fashion statement.

(Thanks Shy)