Friday, October 29, 2010

iPad Apps of the Week: Angry Birds Halloween, Drums!, Phoster, Samurai Vengeance & Parking Mania

In this episode of TekNow, we take a look at 5 cool iPad apps: Angry Birds Halloween (iPhone: US$0.99, iPad: US$1.99), Drums! (iPhone/iPad: US$0.99), Phoster (iPhone/iPad: US$1.99), Samurai Vengeance (iPhone/iPad: US$2.99) and Parking Mania (iPhone: US$0.99, iPad: US$1.99, Lite version: Free). Yes, that's me playing Drums! Not bad eh. TekNow is a new gadget and technology web show produced by R3LOAD Network. If you have cool apps that you would like us to feature on this show, do email me. Thanks!

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