Friday, October 22, 2010

Windows Phone 7 launches in Singapore and I have the videos for you!

Microsoft's hot new mobile operating system, the Windows Phone 7 is finally here in Singapore. I was at the Windows Phone 7 launch party on Wednesday to cover the event and film the video demo of Windows Phone 7 for TekNow, a new gadget and technology show on the R3LOAD Network. You can watch the launch party video above.

And here's the video demo by Microsoft's Matthew Hardman. The phone used is the new Dell Venue Pro. In the video, Matt also revealed that they are working on a Star Wars tower defence game for Windows Phone 7! Now that's a game that I would really like to play!

My first impression of Windows Phone 7: I was very impressed. The OS is very well thought of, the features are really good and it's a very smooth phone but I think Microsoft is a little too late in bringing the Windows Phone 7 to consumers. If Windows Phone 7 was released years ago, everyone will be talking about it as THE phone to have but unfortunately for Microsoft, it's the iPhone, Android, BB world now.

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